7 Serious WordPress Vulnerabilities : How to Fight Them and Win

Protect Your Data

WordPress is pretty secure, at least the core any ways. The company behind WordPress Automattic also takes security seriously. They have a security team of over 50 experts on board which include lead developers and security researchers who are working behind the scenes to ensure that WordPress is secure. In fact, most of the security … Read more

How to Fix Your Hacked WordPress Site: New 2021

Dangerous hacker hiding his identity wearing a white mask

Hacked WordPress sites are a unfortunate reality. In a recent post WordPress Security Complete Guide I discussed the steps that should be taken to secure your WordPress site. Hopefully incorporating these procedures will keep your site safe. Unfortunately the best defense does not always prevent all attacks. A determined hacker can find a way. Regardless … Read more

WordPress Security: Complete Guide 2021 | 22 Easy Steps


WordPress security is a hot topic. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems on the internet and there is a good reason for that. WordPress is easy to use. With the thousands of themes, and plugins available, users can make any type of website they choose with it. That’s the main reason … Read more