WordPress Maintenance

We certainly think so! Leave the maintenance of WordPress to us and worry about the day to day operation on your business.

We know you’ll love Best WordPress, but if for any reason you’d like to cancel your account after the first thirty days we’ll provide a prorated refund for any unused time left in your plan.

In order to provide comprehensive WordPress support we’ll need an administrator account in WordPress and access to your server, usually through cPanel or via your hosting account, so we can get everything setup and take care of any issues that arise. Other than that we just collect standard billing information and an email address for notifications.

No. We offer WordPress maintenance plans for customers we host and for customers hosted by third parties. A quality web host makes a huge difference in your site’s performance and can even improve your search engine rankings. If you’re happy with your current host then there is a good chance that everything will be fine. For those who are having issues with their host or are looking for more performance we can point you toward affordable, high quality hosting that we provide that are tailored to your needs. Learn more about Best WordPress Hosting here.

Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up. You’ll see an option when you view your account settings. You can downgrade at any time, too.

If a WordPress core, plugin, or theme update breaks your site we’ll either fix it or restore a backup. We always have a site backup available before we apply updates and test after. Sometimes plugins simply aren’t compatible with the latest version of WordPress or they are no longer being maintained by their developer. In those cases, we’ll do our best to find a replacement to recommend.

We’ll update any themes or plugins that are installed on your site, but premium plugins and themes – those that have been purchased – must have valid and active licenses. We apply the following updates for free for members:

  • All WordPress core updates are included.
  • Plugins that are available from the WordPress plugin repository are included. All other plugins can be optionally updated using development hours.
  • Themes that are available from the WordPress theme repository are included. All other themes can be optionally updated using development hours.
  • We don’t include paid (premium) plugins and themes in our standard updates because they often take more time to configure and test, and since we won’t have your license information, you’ll need to provide the updated plugins files or input the license on your site so we can update them for you.

We try to be fair about the time spent updating premium plugins and themes. More and more, those updates are one-click and therefore wouldn’t count against your development hours. However, there are still many circumstances where they must be updated manually.

After joining, the first thing we’ll need from you is some Site Access information. That includes a WordPress administrator account and FTP/Server access. We can help you find this information if needed.

Next, we’ll complete an initial site assessment and run a series of benchmarks of your site to get a baseline to compare to after we start optimizing. We are typically able to make significant improvements in performance for our members and these first tests are what we use to measure our success.

Then we’ll setup your site with our lightweight management tools and run an initial backup and security scan. We configure automatic weekly or daily backups and daily security scanning.

Finally, we will fix any critical issues we found during our initial assessment and take care of any of your immediate concerns.