How to Enable/Disable Registrar Lock From Client Area

Last Updated on June 26, 2021 by Steve

By default all the domains registered with Best WordPress Solutions are unlocked at registrar. If you would like to add this lock then either you can open support ticket or perform the following steps from client area.

A. Login to your client area.

B. Select the Domains tab → My Domains.

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C. Select the domain name whose registrar lock you wish to enable/disable. Click on the Manage Domain Tab from dropdown menu

D. Select the Registrar Lock tab and you will get the current status of your domain lock

E. If you want to enable the registrar lock then click on Enable Registrar Lock button.

F. Once enabled success message will be displayed

G. Once  registrar lock is enabled, you can always disable it by clicking on Disable Registrar Lock button

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