How to Write Meta Descriptions for WordPress with Example: Boost Click Through Rate!

Meta Description SEO

You are missing out on many chances to attract and convert new visitors to your website of you are not adding meta descriptions. Targeted snippets that appear in search engines can make a big difference. Even though it may not seem that important to you at this time you could be losing clicks. Have you … Read more

Add Alt Text to Your Images to Boost WordPress SEO: 2 Easy Steps

SEO Manager

What is ALT Text? Alt text, alternative text or ALT attributes refers to text that is applied to images on your site. Alt tags help the visual impaired using screen readers, providing extra context for images on the site. Search engines also use ALT text to get a better understanding of image context and how … Read more

How to Configure Yoast SEO to Boost Rankings: Advanced Guide 2021

Configure Yoast SEO

If you are reading this guide you should have Yoast installed and you have a pretty good understanding of how to use its core SEO settings and features. In this article we are going to dig deeper into Yoast SEO advanced settings. If you are a beginner to Yoast I would suggest reading our other … Read more

How to Improve Web Core Vitals to Boost Search Engine Ranking for Free

Core Web Vitals

Web Core Vitals are a group of indicators that can be used to gauge your site’s performance from a user perspective. How your website performs is real important when it comes to the experience of your site’s visitors and search engine ranking. In Google’s Search console you can see your Web Core Vitals Report along … Read more