How To Restore WordPress Using cPanel in 5 Easy Steps

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We recently published a post on our blog about how to backup WordPress using UpdraftPlus. In my opinion its the best backup plugin for WordPress and the premium version along with all add-ons are freely available to all Best WordPress Solutions customers.

cPanel is a popular control panel we offer for our shared hosting and virtual private server customers. We automatically backup all Word Press sites in our shared hosting plans using cPanel. We also provide automated backups to all of our customers who have a Maintenance Plan subscription. For these customers manually backing up their sites is not necessary. Other customers of ours who opted out of using our hosting solutions but are using other services we offer without the benefits of our automated backups can find this article useful in restoring their sites using cPanel.

To backup your site using cPanel please check out this tutorial.

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Restore WordPress Using cPanel in 5 Steps

Step One:

Login to your cPanel account

Navigate to your login page for cPanel. This is normally your domain name or IP address followed by the port :2083


cPanel Login

Step Two:

Under the files section, click on the backup Wizard Icon

cPanel Backup Wizard Selected
Backup Wizard Selected

Step Three:

Click on the “Restore” button

cPanel Restore Button Selected
Restore Button Selected

Step Four:

Next, you need to select the component of your website that you would like to restore. Here we have chosen MySQL DatabasesYour WordPress site’s database is what stores all of your content and settings

cPanel Backup Wizard MySQL Databases Selected
Backup Wizard MySQL Databases Selected

Step Five:

Next, click on Choose File and select the downloaded zip file from its storage location. Then click Upload.

cPanel Backup Wizard Choose Backup To Upload
Backup Wizard Choose Backup To Upload

Restore WordPress Using cPanel Conclusion

cPanel will now restore your database from backup.

If you also need to restore your WordPress site’s files (like your uploaded images), you can do that by following the same process for the Home Directory.

We thank all of our current customers. If you are not a current customer maybe we can convince you in subscribing to one of our WordPress hosting packages or WordPress maintenance plans.


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